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Aadat Shrestha 25th September 2019   .   Content Writter , Themenepal
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Ever since Tim Berners-Lee designed the very first HTML based webpage in 1992 and paved the path for the advent of website design, the very prospect of web design and its applications have skyrocketed around the globe.

In the context of Nepal, the web designing concept didn’t start until 2002. Back then there were only a handful of web designers and the market was feeble. Skip to a decade later, and the digital era swept through our country and web design in Nepal boomed.

process of web design in nepal
Complete Steps of Web Designing

The past few years have shown a massive increase in online businesses. Many companies have started an online business, which means that they are hiring web designers, both individuals, and web design companies to design and develop their website.

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The web design task is handled very professionally by the companies or the individual. The clients state what they weren’t on their website, and the web designer begins developing and designing their website.  The designer uses different service frameworks for web design and delivers the final website to the client.


Current Technologies Used in the Scenario of Web Design in Nepal

In the early days of web design, there was not a lot to go on in regards to the framework, or system language to design the website. The first website designed, used HTML specifications, and only supported text. Later, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) was proposed and became popular. After a few years, Brendan Eich developed a new browser scripting language called Mocha, which was renamed later as JavaScript. Then, people starting using various frameworks to these scripting languages like Semantic UI, Bulma, Skeleton, Bootstrap, jQuery, etc.

technologies in web design in nepal

Even in Nepal, there were not many frameworks or system languages used for web development. They had limited options, and it was hard for an IT firm to provide the service of web design in Nepal.

In the present context, frameworks like Bootstrap, jQuery, Laravel, Drupal, Express.js are used in the majority to create a website in Nepal. These frameworks are considered the most user-friendly, easy to use, and compatible in today’s day and age. However further new developments and updates to the current frameworks are always being done for the advancement of the frameworks available.

The Development Costing Range – Web Design Price in Nepal

The price of web design in the Nepal market is not constant and depends upon various factors. The nature of the website to be designed is one factor. There are various types of websites for various businesses, and take different approaches and techniques for designing. For example, a travel company will have different requirements on their website than an e-commerce website.

Similarly, a website for an institution will differ from that of the website for a news portal, or a management system.

Apart from that, the price can also differ from the different frameworks, or platforms used, like WordPress, Laravel, etc.

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Another factor that also comes into consideration is the different manpower skills that are used in web designing and development. Depending upon the nature of the website, multiple skilled manpower like Front-End developer, back-end developer, graphics designer, content writer, QA (Quality Assurance), a project manager is required.

Thus, various factors play a vital role in determining the website design price in Nepal.

Why Website is an Important Need for Any Kind of Businesses?

The importance of a website to any form of business or a service providing institution or platform cannot be emphasized enough.

There are a lot of benefits to owning a website for your company. Right off the bat, the first benefit you will gain is that owning a website will help you target more audience on a wider scale than you normally would. It will help you attract more customers, ultimately benefitting your business.

Not only website but also some other components that fall under IT matter the business development of any kind of business.

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Also, since a website is accessible from anywhere now, your business can be open 24X7 for customers to view your products or services and purchase them.

Another great feature of owning a website is that it provides you a platform that allows you to showcase your work, product, or the service that you provide.

The whole world now prefers to shop online, rather than go and explore the market for them. So, if you own a website, then there is a good possibility that you will attract more customers.

Apart from that, there are a lot of benefits of owning a website, both in terms of goodwill as well as financial gain.

Businesses and other corporations in Nepal are finally being aware of the benefits of owning a website. As a result, they are hiring, or out-sourcing individuals and website design companies to design and develop their own website. This has led to the establishment of many web design companies in Nepal. These companies provide a service to design and develop websites for their clients according to their needs.

Current Stats and Data Related to Web Design Companies in Nepal

Web design in Nepal has not only become a profession, but it has also become a study or a learning course as well.

It has gained a lot of popularity, as more people are now internet-conscious. Many online businesses have started; many monetary transactions in corporations have been digitized, and so on.

A tentative estimation has concluded that there are more than 500 web design companies in Nepal.

Most of these companies provide multiple IT-related services like website designing, SEO, digital marketing, network designing, and so on.

However, there are companies who solely focus on web design in Nepal only as well. These companies have competent web developers, system analysts, computer engineers and other specialists in their team and provide services to their clients according to their specific wants and needs.

The company initially searches for clients to work with, and further develop themselves. After expanding their portfolio, they start to gain a reputation as an IT firm, and clients start to approach them with their projects.

These companies work the usual office time 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. However freelance developers, i.e. people who design websites as an individual, not associating themselves with any IT firms have free working time, as they work from anywhere and at any time.

Theme Nepal – An Optimal Choice for Your Website Needs

Theme Nepal is a web design and development company founded in mid-2016. Among many other companies that operate in our country, Theme Nepal is stand out as one of the best when it comes to web design in Nepal.

theme nepal - web design in nepal

The company provides IT-related services which include web design and development, graphic design, SEO services, mobile application development, web hosting, and domain registration, as well as Ecommerce Solutions.

The company has successfully completed many website projects over the years and has made some very satisfied customers along the way.

What sets them apart from other web design is that they actually assist the client companies in choosing the size and nature of the website that their company should have and will benefit from the most.

In other terms, Theme Nepal provides a web design pack solution according to the wants and needs of the client business.

They also provide wireframes to the clients beforehand for their consent to confirm the design of the website.

The teams that work in Theme Nepal are very competent, energetic and diligent as a team, and as an individual. They always fulfill the customer’s wants and needs and deliver the best results.

Theme Nepal has overall great management and staff and is very dedicated to delivering excellence. This positive attitude and hardworking ability have led the company to flourish very well in this competitive market. The people at Theme Nepal believe that they don’t just create their client’s website, they create their business.

Smooth flow of communication between them and the clients, careful grievance-handling, critical research is what makes them competent and one of the best at what they do.

In the short time of its establishment, Theme Nepal has excelled very fast and is currently considered as one of the best web design company in Nepal.

Thus, if you are looking for some sort of web design in Nepal. We highly recommend getting in touch with Theme Nepal.

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