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Ayush Shrestha 3rd June 2020   .   Project Manager , Themenepal
A Mobile application has been the need of the hour. Most of the people rely on mobile applications for entertainment, business, education, and many other purposes. The Mobile application development by various organizations is increasing by leaps and bounds. But what about the time taken for its development? I hope you are curious about this topic so let's start. We will here disclose the duration to complete a quality mobile application with structured timelines.

We have come across Mobile applications many times and we all have our favorite mobile apps in our smartphones. Today, I cannot imagine my day without my Smartphone, and if you are a tech enthusiast neither can you live a day without a smartphone.

The progressive development of technology has come this far, that smartphones have millions of mobile applications that can fulfill our demands in every sector such as entertainment, education, business. So, the mobile application has been the need of the hour.

As we all have brief ideas of mobile applications, but do you know what it takes to develop an app? If no, don’t worry. In this blog, we will cover all the essential attributes to develop a mobile app and the duration it takes to build a mobile app.

Top Key elements that decide how long a mobile app development duration will be

Without wasting any time, let’s move further to the key elements that would determine the cost and duration of the Mobile application. They are listed below for your convenience.

  1. Type of Application: All applications are different, all have different features and functionalities. So, According to the complexity, the mobile apps are categorized into three types they are as follows
  2. Simple Apps: The simple apps are small applications which can only be used for informational purposes. This type of app requires a minimum amount of time and cost.
  3. Middle Sized Apps: These are medium types of applications such as e-commerce where there are features such as user order, account, comments mode, payments, and uses of third party APIs. Hence this type of application requires longer duration than simple apps and eventually higher cost.
  4. Complex Apps: These serve multiple purposes and have many features that are complex, such as real-time data synchronization, artificial intelligence, and all kinds of interactivity between users and systems. This kind of Apps usually uses third party service and APIs. Hence this type of application requires a longer duration than simple apps and medium apps. The cost of this type of app is higher among all.
  5. Design and Animation of Application: The design and animation also determine the duration of the application as complex design with vague animation and videos would require greater research and skills, which is directly proportional to the duration and cost.
  6. Custom Application: This type of application needs proper research and vigorous study as it is built with mutual knowledge and vision of the clients and developers. So, this type of application usually takes longer duration and eventually costs.
  7. Suitable platform: The cross-platform has eradicated the problem of one operating system application. Hence it depends upon the type of application whether the client wants it in IOS, Windows, or Android. Hence if it is to be integrated into all the platforms it will take more time then to integrate into a single platform. The cost varies from different operating systems.
  8. Features: This plays a major role in the duration of the mobile application because it is a primary attribute of a mobile application. The more features an app has, the more duration and cost. The features of an app are like the number of functions the app is required to perform and how.
  9. Security: However brilliant the app be, but if there is no data security in our mobile application then it is of no use. Data theft has become a major issue in this age and time. Hence proper security measures should be taken to enforce the hackers and phishers away from sight. Building a secure reliable application needs a longer duration hence it directly impacts the cost.
  10. Testing: We have all known the benefits of testing, this will help the application to eradicate the bugs encounter. Proper testing is required for an application to run smoothly without lagging. A vigorous Quality Assurance procedure would take a longer time and higher cost but it is a vital part of application development.
  11. Business Logic: The proper idea of how an app works and why it is essential to develop a mobile application. This proper understanding and knowledge would determine the time frame of a mobile application. If proper understanding is there the duration would be less and the quality product is achieved as an end result.
  12. Experienced Developers and Teams: There is a saying that you can reach your destination quicker if you know the way. It is quite relevant in this topic as an experienced application developer has all the skills and ideas to complete an application in a minimum amount of time. By proper management of the application, it would take less time.

Mobile Application development timeline

Each phases of mobile application development timeline are briefly described below:

  1. Requirements and Research: The Initial stage but important phase because it is where all the requirements are gathered and feasibility is checked between clients and developers. This phase is study and research of the requirement and drawing a rough sketch of the application out of it. This phase can take up to 2 weeks of time.
  2. Wireframe designing: The basic outline of the design part is done in this phase with client feedback. This would yield a design prototype. After this phase, the UI/UX is done. This phase may take 1 week of time.
  3. UI/UX designing: This stage the proper design part is done with the proper color combination, graphics, animations, and images. All the design possibilities are observed and done creatively to stand out from contemporaries in the market. This phase may take up to 2 weeks of time.
  4. Development Phase: In this phase, the applications full features are developed, it requires knowledge and business logic to develop the application. This phase usually takes around 3 weeks if there is no interruption from any parties.
  5. Testing: The Quality of a Product is the most essential part as it is a portfolio of both the client and the developers. Hence there are multiple testing done and the product is finalized for deployment. This phase takes around 1 week of time.
  6. Deployment in the store: The Mobile Application should be deployed in the store, App Store, Play store for IOS, and Android respectively. This phase may take a maximum of 1 week. Hence after this, your mobile application can be used by global audiences.

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