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Websites have been the need of the hour for any organization, be it for the business or the branding purpose. If you have been looking forward to developing a website, well you have been in the right place at the right time. We, Theme Nepal are a group of professionals who have excelled in this field for the past decade. Our Experts would provide you online consulting, assisting you in choosing the optimum frameworks on developing a website. We are here to create your dream website into reality. Feel free to connect and consult with us.

Things to know before Developing a website


The Technology for the Web Development and Applications involves various Frameworks depending upon the complexity of the website and client`s requirements. The Framework for better web development is Laravel which is used for complex websites whereas WordPress can be used for simple to medium level of website development.

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Web Development Process

Web Development has a pre-planned process and requires various phases for completion. The web development process is vital because it would make a quality web development with amazing User Interface, Experience, and features of a web application.

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There may be various products and websites but what separates them apart from the normal web development is it`s Quality. This is an important attribute of a website.

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The duration of web development is directly proportional to the complexity of web development. Suppose if you are looking for Developing a simple informational website with minimal features and functions, it will take less time and if you looking to build a complex website, it will take more time. But there are some aspects to reduce the duration of website development.

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Every product has a cost, so it does to develop a website. The cost varies from website to website depending upon the type of website and complexity of the website. There are various aspects to calculate the costings of web development

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