Major Key Factors For High-Quality Mobile app

3rd June 2020   .  
A Quality of product differs from product to product. We assume the quality of shoes by its durability, the materials used in it, and the brand value. Similarly, a Mobile application should also have a certain set of qualities. Of course, it is not the same as the quality of shoes. It is an important attribute that can make or break a product. The Key Factors determining the quality of the Mobile application are briefly described.

A Quality Product is the most important end result after the completion of the development. 

If your product is not reliable and not able to meet the expectation of the Users then it can`t be termed as a Quality Product. Similarly, in the case of Mobile Application, it should have certain characteristics to be called a Quality Mobile Application.

Any Product to be successful among the large audience requires authentic quality. Let’s take an example of you, You have two Mobile Applications “A” and “B” respectively, both have similar features. “A” has an attractive design, smooth accessibility, speed loading, amazing customer support whereas B has loathsome design, lagging accessibility, slow loading, lack of customer support. Which Mobile Application do you choose? Of Course, a smart user like you would have no problem choosing “A”  in a blink of an eye, wouldn’t you? So, the differences between them are due to some characteristics of Mobile Application that makes one Wow! and another one a big no!

Further, we would dig deeper into what makes a Quality Mobile Application.

What are the key elements that define the mobile app developed is High-Quality 

We had a brief overview about what makes a High Quality Mobile Application. Here we would 

List out the major characteristics and they are as follows.

  1. Attractive Design: An Attractive Design is a vital part of the Mobile Application. We have a proverb which goes as “The first impression is the last impression”. So, when our end-users use our application. The first impression for them is the design, color combination, animation, and images used in the application. If the design is outstanding and very intriguing then definitely our application is a winner. Hence to develop a quality Mobile Application, we should focus largely on User Experience and Interface.
  2. Easy Accessibility: There are a lot of options for our customers in today’s market. So, the competition is large among the mobile Application. So, to stand out of the competition, Our Mobile Application should not be complex rather it should be easier to use and very interactive to our users. This would be a major trait as we as general users want easier accessibility of the Mobile Application.
  3. Speed Loading and high performance: Nobody likes a mobile application that lags in the interval of time. We should value the time of our users because everyone wants quick service without any problem. A great mobile application should serve well in this department too. The application we develop should have high performance with quick loading without buffering. 
  4. Customer Support: Every User may not be able to use the application smoothly. They may encounter problems amid using it. Hence in this scenario, proper guidelines manual should be available in the applications. Additionally, the mobile Application should have good interactive support with the users for conveying information, schemes, privacy policy, and for using the premium features. This would make the application trustworthy and hence the optimum choice for our users.
  5. Cross-Platform: The mobile application target audience may vary from the product to product. Some mobile applications may target IOS audience, whereas some for Android audience. Hence our Mobile Application should be compatible with all the mobile platforms, for better coverage and audience, which will make our application genuine to our users.

How to maintain quality after the mobile app is live

  • Regular Maintenance

Once your Mobile Application is launched, we shall have a regular check up to stay up to date with the performance of the application. This plays a vital role in better performance of the application.

  •      Monitoring Users 

The Users accessing our application are our major source of knowledge, as it helps us to identify the major preference of users, using patterns and feedback.

  • Upgrade Application

App development process is inevitable to change with time and technology, so we should focus on upgrading the version of the application with additional features in the span of time. This helps to eradicate the monotonous experience for the user and provides them with different experiences. The upgrade of an application can be in design and features. This gives us the edge over our contemporaries. 

  • Proper Quality Testing

Testing by an expert is essential for proper functioning of any application. Hence this should be one of the priority for sustaining the quality of an application.

Why should you be aware of the High-Quality mobile app?

We know the significance of the high quality mobile application. Now, let us discuss what happens when we miss out to have a quality mobile application. The consequences are as follows:

  • Horrible User Experience.
  • Lagging in Performance.
  • Unsatisfied users.
  • Decline in Good will of application.
  • Overall Loss

Are you planning to develop a mobile app?

Quality Mobile Application is very significant at this time.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

What makes a quality mobile application?

Attractive design, High-speed performance, Customer service, and platform makes a quality mobile application.

How long does it take to complete a mobile application?

The time depends upon the complexity of the mobile application

What happens if we are unaware of the quality of the mobile application?

Horrible User Experience, Lagging in Performance, Unsatisfied users, Decline in Good will of application, Overall Loss

What to look after when our mobile application is launched?

Regular Maintenance, Monitoring users, Upgrade Applications and Proper Testing

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