Theme Nepal as a Leading Web Design Company in Nepal

10th December 2019   .  
theme nepal as a leading web design company in nepal

Scenario of Web Design Companies in Nepal

Web design and the whole prospect revolving around that idea are booming especially in the context of Nepal. There is a lot of web design company in Nepal that is working based on their own clients. These companies have their own way of operating and make use of the many frameworks and programming languages that are available.

Apart from web designing, most of these companies offer other IT related services like digital marketing, network designing, SEO, etc.  However, there are some companies that prioritize web designing only. The companies work on a project basis with the clients. The clients who want their website designed and developed, approach the companies, explain their requirements and the website design process goes underway. The price quote is discussed beforehand, so as to avoid any misunderstanding. 

The many web design company in Nepal hire competent and experienced web designers and developers and keep them employed in their company. This inadvertently helps the company in making and designing quality websites for their clients. 

Theme Nepal – As a Top Web Design Company in Nepal

Among the swarm of web design companies in Nepal, Theme Nepal is considered as one of the best web design company in Nepal. With an impressive portfolio and highly competent and experienced team members, the company progressed leaps and bounds since its humble establishment in 2016.

The company is majorly a web design and development company, but also provide other vital facilities like SEO, digital marketing, mobile app development, etc. In the short duration of its establishment, the company has managed to climb up the ranks and is now considered one of the best in the context of web design in Nepal

What makes Theme Nepal as one of the best web design and web development company in Nepal is the company’s innate ability to deliver customer satisfaction and constant guidance. The company provides its customers with detailed wireframes that idea the customers a lot in deciding what type of website they really want.

Also, unlike other companies, Theme Nepal makes sure the website they designed remains fully functional and operational even after the completion of the web design. In other words, the company ensures website operation even after the project is completed. With constant maintenance and updates, Theme Nepal makes sure that your website is running smoothly without any complications.

Technologies Used by Theme Nepal in Web Design & Development Process

Theme Nepal makes great use of multiple frameworks that are widely popular in the field of Web Development. The company uses PHP as the preferred programming language and uses two frameworks, i.e. Laravel and WordPress to design and develop websites. The company has a team of highly competent and experienced team members who are adept at the given frameworks. These frameworks are highly versatile in their application, have many beneficial features and are very popular in the field of website development. 

Web Design Process of Theme Nepal

Theme Nepal, one of the best web design company in Nepal to operate has a unique process in which they operate. The company handles customer grievances and confusion in a very professional manner. The first approach the client and discuss their requirements. Then after knowing the requirements, decide upon the best possible way to move further. This includes designing the wireframe, choosing the most appropriate framework for the project. After that is all done, they set up a meet with clients and discuss costing and other topics. After everything is settled, the web designing process is started.

The competent designers set to work for the client according to the agreed-upon wireframe and requirements. The designing process takes time according to the requirements and the framework used. After the project is completed, the finished website is presented to the client for a test run and feedback. Based on that vital feedback from the clients, necessary changes are made on the website and then the final product is handed over to the clients. However, even after the final website is handed over, and the project is technically finished, Theme Nepal still works on the maintenance and updates for the project to ensure the smooth running of the website. This, in brief, is basically how Theme Nepal operated.

Web Design Cost Quote By Theme Nepal

The price of the design and development of a website cannot be specified at a particular price point. There are a lot of factors that come into play in the context of price determinations. These factors can differ between various web design companies in Nepal. Theme Nepal also has its own method and factors in determining the quote of web design costing. 

The first thing that should be considered is the framework that is used in the process of web design. Theme Nepal works with two popular frameworks of PHP, i.e. WordPress and Laravel. Thus considering which framework is used for the web design, the price will differ. Laravel tends to be more expensive than WordPress, as Laravel is more work-intensive and is considerably harder to work with. Also, different specialists work with different frameworks. There are specific Laravel designers and specific WordPress designers in Theme Nepal, highly competent at what they do.

Another factor that plays a vital role in the price quote is the nature of the website to be designed and developed. Some websites tend to be more expensive than others. It is because the websites might have more user traffic, or may have the application of payment outlets as well. For example, an e-commerce website will be harder to design, and therefore more expensive than an information website. This stands according to the client’s requirements as to what type of website is required. 

Apart from that, there are other factors that play equally important roles like the functionality of a website, the hosting required on a website, the different manpower required, etc. Thus,  many web design companies in Nepal tend to negotiate the price quote before actually working on the project. Theme Nepal involves the clients in a meeting, consulting about their requirements, what it takes to meet their requirements, and then determine an appropriate price quote for the project.

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