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Website Cost in Nepal
Whenever we want to purchase anything from let's say a shopping mall, we look at its price tag before purchasing it, don`t we? If the price is budget-friendly then it is feasible to buy the product. Hence the price is the most important attribute of the products. Different Products have different prices. Similarly, in the case of websites, there is variation in the prices depending upon various attributes of a website. Generally, the website price varies from the quality and requirements in the Nepali market.

A website comprises many components such as

  • Development
  • Design
  • Contents (Media, Text, etc.), and
  • Search engine optimization (which is optional)

So let’s know the actual components that you are paying for to develop a complete website. They are listed below:

  1. SEO and digital marketing (Optional): This component plays a major role in the popularity of a website. We recommend having an SEO oriented website as it is an initial phase for the sales-oriented blueprint design of the website. This is optional but very important for websites for business purposes. There is an additional charge for SEO and digital marketing.
  2. Website Wireframe or UI/UX design charge: This separates between the better design and best design, hence it is applicable to have wireframe or UI/UX design before designing a website. There is an additional charge for UI/UX design.
  3. Website design charges: Website design is an overall outlook of the website. So, while developing a website, it consists of a web design charge.
  4. Web development charges: Website development is a major component of the website. So, while developing a website, it consists of the web development charge.

What are Post-Development Cost i.e. The Cost You May Incur to Have a Complete Website

After all the website requirements are fulfilled and you have finally completed your website. Although you may think that no further procedures are required.

In this topic you will learn more about the additional things to procure so that the website is actually complete. The Post-development cost is as follows:

  1. Domain and Hosting: After the completion of the website, It should be staged in the live server so that hosting is necessary. The Domain here means the name of your website for eg. Normally a domain charges $8 to $20. Hosting depends upon package, bandwidth, space you choose that starts from per month $15 for small scale website to $400 for a large scale website in Nepal.
  2. Text Content: Text contents are the contents to be put on the website, which should be done by the professional content writer who knows how to write a business-oriented content. Generally, in the Nepali market the content charges start with 0.015$ to 0.04$/ word from an experienced content writer.
  3. Infographics: For infographics excellent content creators and graphic designers are required and the generic charge for a single design in the Nepalese market is around 8$ to 40$.
  4. SEO (Optional): Though it is optional but adds great value to your website. For SEO you require to pay a monthly charge. The actual monthly charge varies with the competition of your business in the online market. For eg.  A hospital website will have low competition that may charge around $300 to $400 per month while an eCommerce vendor may have to incur the highest cost to the SEO experts in Nepal. Normally the SEO experts in Nepal may charge from $600 to 2000$ per month to the businesses that have a high level of competition and higher conversion from the online medium.

Phases of Payment for Website Development

  1. Advance Payment: This payment is done before the contract signing procedure. It is to ensure that the client is interested and would like to dive deeper into the knowledge and requirement sharing process with the respective company.
  2. Half Payment: This payment should be done before the website development phase starts. After this, the work is started in a full-fledged manner in a company.
  3. Full Payment: After the completion of the website. The clients are advised to pay the remaining half of the payment. This payment is usually done in the time of delivering the website to the client.

How Much Does it Actually Cost For Website Design And Developments in Nepal?

  1.  Wireframe or UI/UX design: The wireframe or UI/UX cost range in Nepal is around $70 for simple websites to $700 complex websites like e-commerce. It is a one time cost, the client does not need to pay it more than once.
  2.  Front end Design: The cost range of web design price range in Nepal starts from  $120 for simple websites to $7000 for large scale and complex websites. It is also a one time cost, the client does not need to pay it more than once.
  3. Web development: It is the most complex and time-consuming part of a website. Generally the price range in Nepal starts from  $180  for a simple website to $11000 for a complex website. It is also a one time cost, the client does not need to pay it more than once.
  4. Maintenance & Support: This is important for fixing the problems encountered by the website in time. Usually we provide our Clients with free maintenance and support for a year. After the expiry of our scheme, we charge around  $50 to $2000 per year.
  5. Hosting & Domain: The domain or a name for the website costs around $10.The procuring domain is a one-time payment. The hosting cost starts from $15 to $500. Hosting is a monthly charge.

What Actually the Website Cost in Nepal Then?

So we can conclude the cumulative cost required in website design and development in Nepal which starts from $400 which includes wireframe design, website design and development only. The amount may increase depending upon the complexity of the website.

Quick Tips While Buying or Developing a Website in Nepal

  • Never Fall into Cheap Marketing. Always make sure to consult quality website development companies.
  •  Hire or consult with the best one in the market.
  •  Never compromise in the quality development of a website, as it is your product and one-time investment.
  •  Proper planning is essential to develop a quality product.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

What is the cost of Web design and development in the Nepali market?

Generally the cost of web design and development are separate but if we make a website, the whole cost could come as $400 depending upon the complexity and technology used in the website.

Does SEO & DIgital Marketing play an important role in Website development?

Although SEO & Digital Marketing is an optional component of a website but to be precise it plays a very important role in boosting the website among the competition and making your product stand out among its contemporaries.

What is the cost of the Website Domain in Nepal?

The Domain is the name you want to assign to the website. This may vary but to be precise it would start from $15.

What are the payments applicable to website development in Nepal?

The liable payments are advance payment, Half Payment and Full Payment.

What are the tips to develop the best website?

Hire or Consult the best Website development company.

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