Duration to Build a Website

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Time and Duration to Build Website
“Rome was not built in a day”, neither can a website. A Quality Website requires vigorous research, planning, and what not? There are many website development models which the website company follows. To talk about the duration of a website, generally, the time taken to complete a website is directly proportional to the complexity of a website. In a basic understanding, a simple website takes less time compared to a complex website.

The Time and effort put into developing a website are directly proportional to its completion. 

So from here, we can summarise that web development is a process that has many sub-processes or you can say phrases.

A website is not an independent entity but an amalgamation of many phases such as design, functions, and extra features. Hence we can always go by the law of proportionality of time and complexity of the website.

To be more clear, for example, if you want to develop a simple website with basic features, the time is less consuming, say about a couple of weeks to one month but if you are looking for a vast website comprising many features then it will take more time. A suitable example of this is an E-commerce website, which is more relevant in today’s time, this type of website may take up to 3 months of duration.

Again this is a general calculation and varies according to different Website development Companies.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Website?

As we have already known the basics, now let’s dive deeper to know, how much time exactly does it take to develop a fully functioning website.

No worries!! You can be clear by the following points:-

  • Clients Requirement

This is the vital phase of the website development.

The website development cycle starts as soon as we possess the requirements.

The vision and mission of the website are collected in this phase.

This phase generally revolves around the idea and concept of the client. So the development team can analyze the complexity of the website. This will give a clear perspective of how much effort and time the designers & developers should invest in the website.

  • Complexity of Design & Architecture

The design is an important aspect of a website because it gives the first impression of the end-users about the website. Hence every client wants an attractive design. This may be time-consuming, but it’s worth it.

The development company must have a robust group of designers and experts who have excelled in designing the website as well as the architecture of the website.

In practice, the development team usually design the wireframes & architecture, raw sketches of design, and showcase them to the clients.

After it`s verification from the client, they proceed further to the final design. This phase may take a week or a fortnight depending upon the complexity of a website.

  • Features of Websites

The functionality and features are the major aspects that differentiates between a simple website and a complex website. 

A simple website may be an informational website such as for an organization or a companies website with fewer client interactions. This type of website can be developed in a quick amount of time.

Whereas a website such as E-commerce, Client-based Management system, Education Portal, Job Portal would consume more time and effort. The features and functionalities are core elements of the website.

We know that time is a precious attribute of life.

So with skilled developers, the reputed web development company always try to deliver quality products, comprising all the features to their valuable dear clients.

  • Experienced IT team

We all have somewhere heard this quote “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe” by Abraham Lincoln. This quote is relevant in developing the website.

If a team is very skillful and has perfected the craft then the level of complexity does not alter the duration of the website. So, if the team is experienced and skillful, half the battle is already won.

The reputed web development company has adept developers and designers to develop a quality website in a minimum amount of time.

Timeline of Web Development

This section covers the brief structure on the division of phases in a web development process

  • Discovery Phase
    • This phase consists of requirement gathering.
    • 1 week
  • Design Phase
    • Prototype design and wireframes are made and verified
    • Final Design of website
    • 2-3 weeks
  • Development Phase
    • The main backend functions are developed
    • 3 weeks
  • Testing Phase
    • Vigorous Testing of a website to make it bugs free
    • 1 week
  • Deployment
    • A website is launched on the Server

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