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Ayush Shrestha 27th May 2020   .  
We require different phases and processes to develop a complete design or the outlook of a website. Website design is an integral part of a website as it gives our users the first impression of the website. A quality website must have a very attractive web design with amazing graphics and animation. There are various phases of web design that most of the company follows.

Web design is a prominent part of a website.

The basic structure of the website, to the color combination and the layouts, all comes under the web design.

Web design is done by Web designers.

Website design is an integral aspect of user experience.

As good design has the potential to make a client favorable towards one’s website, whereas a bad design can repel a potential client or say a user. So we should focus largely on the best quality design for our website.

Do You Know What the Web Design Process is?

We all know that nothing can be built in a single day, as we know ‚ÄúRome was not built in a day‚ÄĚ. We have to follow the process to achieve the desired output. Hence determining, estimating, and planning towards achieving the desired output in the design for a website is the web design process.

It is breaking down the design task in a certain way to make a quality design. This process is followed by all the best website designing companies.

The web design process & phases the experts follows:

  1. Gathering Users Requirement: This is the most important part of the web design process. In this phase the client must be able to demonstrate the type of product or website they want to develop. This phase would be basically gathering the requirements from the client. After the client’s requirement is fully documented, we move forward in the design process.
  2. Mockup and Wireframe Design: Now comes the wireframe design phase, this would be the prototype design, as what the design would look like in the future. In this process, there is frequent interaction with the client as for the changes and feedback. Client feedback is acknowledged. The creative designer would calculate the feasibility of the design and the wireframe is developed based on mutual understanding.
  3. UI/ UX Design: UI/ UX stands for User Interface and User experience. As we can understand this process is vital for our website design. This process is helpful for making the website design more interactive to clients. In this process all the major design loopholes are eradicated and a final design prototype is finalized for designing.
  4. Frontend Design: This is the final step towards designing our website. In this website design process, all the cases studied earlier are implemented. The color combination, font size, logo placeholder to the image placeholder, everything is designed in this phase. This marks an end to the website design process.

Now after the designing part is finished, the typical development phase of the website started. The major phases in Development are:

  • Analysis of Web design
  • Backend development of the website (i.e. project)

After the completion of the website, some activities are carried our such as

  • Acquiring domain name
  • Hosting of website
  • Testing of developed website &
  • Handover to the client

What To Look For Before Consulting a Web Design Company?

The major tips to look before hiring or consulting a web design company are:-

  1. Creative Team
  2. Experienced Designer
  3. Companies Portfolio
  4. Organization Website
  5. Project Management and Communications

What Are Must For Your Website Then?

There are certain aspects that must be on your website before making it live to a global audience. Let’s assume our website as a newborn baby shall we? So the first thing we need after the baby is born is his/ her name. Similarly we must select a domain name in case of our website, as we consider it as our baby.  

After that let’s move forward with the attractive attire for it, in our case it is logo design and Graphics. It should be unique, attractive, and authentic. A logo represents a brand that is an important asset of the website.

What if someone wants to contact our baby? In this scenario, business mail is very important. As it is an authentic and genuine way for a client to communicate with our website.

We have been using this analogy of baby and a website for a long time. Now let’s get serious and dive deeper into the core of the must-have an element on your website. They are as listed below:

  • Domain Name and Hosting
  • Logo and Graphic Design
  • Business E-Mail 
  • High-Quality Contents (Text, Picture, Infographics, Video)
  • Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  • Search Engine Optimization

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What is web design?

The basic structure of the website, to the color combination and the layouts, all comes under the web design.

What is the web design process?

Determining, Estimating, Planning and Implementing  towards achieving the desired output in the design for a website is the web design process

What are the web design processes?

They are Requirement Gathering,  Mockup design, UI/UX design, Frontend design, and testing.

What should be looked at before designing a website?

They are Creative Team, Experienced Designer, Companies Portfolio, Organization Website,  Project Management, and Communications of the organization.

What should be a basic checklist on a website?

They are Domain Name and Hosting,  Logo and Graphic design, Business Mail, High-Resolution Images and  Contents,  Google Analytics  and Search Engine Optimization

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