Mobile App Development In Nepal

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Mobile App Development In Nepal

Mobile application, more commonly referred to as Apps, are computer programs, designed to run on phones, tablets, and other small frame electronic devices.

The process of developing, or making these apps to one’s requirements is called Mobile application development. The main purpose of developing the app, back in the day was for productivity assistance. But the drastic improvement and usage in the mobile apps have proven otherwise.

Now, there are more than 3 million mobile applications available for the general public.

The advent of mobile app development in Nepal started in the early 2000s. The early stages of that market were fragile. People were not that into using the internet and online businesses then. However, due to the internet fever sweeping over the whole world, digitization became increasingly popular, and with that, the prospect of mobile apps development.

There are ample of mobile app development company in Nepal. These companies have a similar workflow for the application development. They first list and research what their target client wants in their application, its nature, required framework for the application, and then they provide the client with the price quotation. Once the client approves the quotation, they then move on towards the application development.


Do Mobile Apps Plays Important Role for Any Kind Of Businesses ?

The sheer importance of a mobile application and its benefits for a business organization is unfathomable. Your company can profit a lot simply due to the existence of a mobile application of your own. 

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Your company’s business exposure will tend to increase as people spend more time on their phones, than actually visiting your company and inquiring. They can simply download your app, and inquire what they want from the app. So, the digital presence will greatly enhance your company’s exposure. Also, it will increase the direct interaction between you and your clients, or customers. Thus, this will boost customer loyalty, as they can easily be in touch with you via the mobile application. Know the 13 reasons why mobile app is imporant for business.

benefits of mobile app for businesses

Another great advantage is that it will increase accessibility to customers. Since the mobile application can easily be accessed from anywhere with an internet connectivity, your company’s digital presence will ultimately result in increased sales.

In the context of Nepal, there has been steady increase in the usage of the internet for business and other monetary activities. Due to this there has been a steady growth in the number of Mobile app development company in Nepal.

Thus, the prospect of mobile app development has increased a lot since its first humble beginning.


What Are Current Technologies Associated With the Scenario of Mobile App Development in Nepal ?

The field of Mobile application development is a very vast field.

There are many programming languages, and different frameworks that can be used to develop a mobile application. It depends upon what type of application you want to develop.

The scenario of mobile app development in Nepal is also the same.

mobile app development in nepal

There are many companies using many different frameworks and languages to develop their applications.

There are two major mobile applications platforms, which are dominant in the current market. They are Android and iOS.

Different frameworks and programming languages are required to develop application for these two OS platforms. Using specific codes to develop mobile application for specific OS platforms is known as Native mobile application development. But as an alternative to the Native app development, developers now use technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript to develop mobile applications that are compatible with both the OS platforms. This is known as Hybrid mobile application development.

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Thus, the prospect of mobile application development is very vast, and we have to consider a lot of things before moving towards the actual app development phase.


Native and Hybrid Mobile Application

As mentioned above, the two major OS platforms, namely Android and iOS have different requirements of their application development.

The usage of OS-specific tools for mobile application development is known as Native Application Development. Java Development Kit is used to develop apps for Android, whereas Swift Development Kit (SDK) is used to develop iOS applications. The mobile application developed from Native Application Development work only for one OS platform.

Thus, to develop mobile applications that work on both platforms, Hybrid Mobile Application Development is used. Hybrid application combines elements of native app development and web applications. Thus, the application developed from Hybrid Mobile Application Development work on both of the OS platform.

There are many different technologies that are used for mobile app development.

Native React, Flutter, Ionic, Phone Gap are some of the popular technologies for mobile application development.

The Hybrid app development method, being the most versatile, is widely used for mobile app development in Nepal. However, according to the client’s requirements, the companies also use Native Mobile Application.

This can be a major factor that determines the cost of mobile app development.

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Mobile App Development Cost Range in Nepal

There is no single factor that solely determines the price of a mobile app development in Nepal. Multiple factors should be kept in consideration in order to accurately determine the cost range of the application development.

The nature of the application to be developed is the first thing that matters. The nature, requirements and the sheer size of the application that is to be developed is the basic fundamentals to determine its price. Apart from that, the human resources that are used, i.e. the developers’ skill set also plays an important role.

The multiple human resources like the designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, etc have different vital roles in the application development.

The framework in which the application is being developed is also to be kept in consideration.

The price quote differs according to the app’s working platform as well.

Native applications have different price points from Hybrid applications, as they differ vastly from one another.

Some companies work based on their hourly rate, whereas some companies work on project basis. So, that is also a determinant of the costing of the mobile app development.

Thus, there is no specific price for a mobile app development, as many factors has to be kept under consideration.


Company for Mobile App Development in Nepal

In recent years, there has been a steady growth in the field of online business, digital monetary transactions, and internet usage as a whole. This has led to the establishment of multiple companies that do mobile app development in Nepal. These companies function like any other IT firm, they seek clients to work with.

The clients provide them their requirements, they give a price quote. Once the client approves the price, then they start working on the development.

The companies have competent developers working for them at their payroll. They develop the app, launch the beta version, and request feedback from the clients. After some critical feedback, they polish the app and launch it.

The companies run at regular office time, 9 to 5. According to a recent survey conducted, there are estimated about 100 mobile app development companies in Kathmandu alone, and about 180 companies all over Nepal. This goes to show the vast popularity and the importance of mobile app in the context of Nepal.


Theme Nepal – The Optimal Choice!

Theme Nepal is an IT company established in the year 2016. The company provides one of the best IT services that a company or an individual could ask for.

Also, in the context of the mobile app development in Nepal, Theme Nepal is considered to be one of the best there is.

The company comprises of many competent developers, a dedicated and hardworking management and the passion to deliver excellence. But what sets Theme Nepal apart form all the other companies is that Theme Nepal not only delivers the required product, they also help the company decide on the requirements of the application. They provide their clients with Mobile app development pack solutions which advertently aids the client company into selecting the right choice and make the right decision.

Also, the company not only helps develop the perfect mobile app, they also help in the maintenance and updates of the app.

All in all, Theme Nepal is a great IT company, and I personally recommend you to check them out!

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