Information Technology in Organizational Development

Karavika Bashyal 15th June 2018   .  

Computer technology is becoming extremely common everywhere in the society. The educational means and critical approaches toward the technology have been changing. The effectiveness of organizations is boost by understanding these approaches that will facilitate organizations develop acceptable methods. The attitude of an employee has been altering the development of technology to adopt the change in the technological system. A large number of companies are improving their module in fields like communication, research, collaboration and work with the extensive adoption of communication and information technologies.

Organizational development concerns to the method of extension that improves the effectiveness of a company by ever-changing the approach that is used by altering the behavior of its workers and by fixing the technology that is designed to complete the work. Each organization leverages technology to support their overall plan. All the method within the expansion of a company is thoroughly planned and implementation is made to benefit the enterprise, its workers, and its stakeholders. The modification method thus supports the advancement of the organization or cluster as a whole. Hence, it shows the close relationship of organization development and technology. However, for this to last and stay a reality, the implementation of technology must be leveraged to the fullest extent so that results can be maximized.

Today’s world is normally a data-driven. Information technology collects the data, process it and then use various interfaces that help to make data meaningful for people. IT is the means that connects people, organizations, and social systems. Technology drives in various ways. For instance, organizational interactions are made through email, Websites, Voice over internet protocol (VOIP), virtual meetings, and video conferencing system. Likewise, standard human resources processes give online benefits enrollments, onboarding and organization programs, and tracking system of the human resource information system. Also, there are numerous structure development efforts like targeted developmental feedback that is concentrated on driving leadership and manager quality, instant online survey technology and interactive training and coaching and development initiatives. Some of the additional technological drivers that help to improve use of information systems are Inventory Management by connection to the point-of-sale (POS), Data Management by large file rooms in your drive and maintaining historical data economically, Likewise, Management Information System(MIS) for tracking sales data, expenses and productivity levels that helps to identify profitability over time, Customer Relationship Management(CRM) practices are used to capture each and every interaction a company has with its customer.

The scope of technology that an organization will adopt is immense; ranging from shopping for a private portable computer with an associated computer programme to investment at intervals the most recent progressive computer-aided production machinery. No matter the quality of the system or the scale of the organization, one issue is for certain-the incorporation of technology or info systems may result in the modification. Implementation of the technological system can act as a catalyst for modification.

Technological use is very much crucial to an organization’s survival and growth and use of IT is more frequent than other types of technological system that are used. For example, it is difficult to run a business in the tourism industry without the help of IT. Before few years, arrival method at hotels and airports were manual however that task is performed with the use of software programs in a computer. The application of computer codes has created the arrival process easy and economical and also saving time. In addition, every store whether it is big or small from Supermarkets to Big-Marts uses some kind of software application to track their business records.

If you look at organizations of Nepal from the business perspectives, these days, various companies are interested in doing Information and communication technology projects for organizational expansion. For that, they deal with market challenges, information handling and integrate multiple information systems in an organization as information technology is an essential part of each business plan. After completion of the project assignments, the research investigates the effect of IT systems in social, strategic and human development in an organization. Today, IT companies in Nepal like Theme Nepal have already started using a framework that consists of a list of processes, criteria, and sub-criteria for different kinds of extracted features to measure the impact of ICT/IS projects. It helps them to find out the effects of ICT projects have extended from social and economic development to strategic, informational, transactional and transformational development. Therefore, technological improvements are helping the companies of Nepal to achieve organizational goals in a more efficient manner that helps to give the effective result.

The use and implementation of Information Technology have been popular in Nepal only for a decade. Nepal is a developing country and it still needs to urgently develop a proper national strategy for the use of IT that gives a positive impact on the socio-economic development. The technological marketplace needs to check regularly otherwise negative impact will rise and it will be difficult for organizations of Nepal to decide its own long-term preferences for socio-economic development. Our country also needs to identify what they need from the global technology marketplace and what they want from the local technology marketplace and then work out on the measures to achieve it.

In fact, the increase in productivity might be a result of organizations having the power to know current technological improvement into their construction, formation, and culture. If the business process is efficient then it enables those ventures to save lots of cash and time. Business organizations additionally try and incorporate the most recent technologies as much as the maximum amount as possible to carry the market share. The knowledge of latest technological advancement and use of the modern system is necessary for any organizations to adopt those change in their current system to strive in the market. Thus, modulating modern systems asserts that companies systematically use the latest technological change in the systems to enhance business procedures and it also makes sure that such differences in the systems and approach are consistent within the entire organizations.  If productivity will increase, it leads to expand the efficiency of the business process and expenses is reduced and that is the indication of a rise in overall financial gain.

In the end, it can be said that the installation of a technology in the organization will not be enough to achieve organizational goals. The overall success depends on some other factors as well. Installation of a technology is only the beginning. Organizations have to provide proper training to employees to achieve the maximum advantages from the installation of the technology. Organizations have to have a close look at the performance of the organization as well. OF practitioners play a vital role to get the best result from the use of technology? When a change comes to the organization there will always be some resistant. Some employees may not accept the change. OD practitioners have to deal with these issues. They have to create the readiness for change and overcome the resistance. It is the members of the same group then there could be a probability of conflict among the group members. They have to pay close attention to these issues as well. A combination of effort from all employees within the organization is needed to have the best result from the use of technology. To survive in the present competitive business world technological knowledge is must for any organization.


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