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Karavika Bashyal 9th May 2018   .  
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When you enter in the mass of web designers who are interested to work for you, it is difficult to choose the one who is compatible with your business. You need peculiar designer so that your company gets differentiated among others in the market. Great web designers definitely possess some unique traits and it will differentiate them from others to become successful. You want to make your business unique. You might wonder who makes our beautiful websites. Are they any Robot or some experts?


Here is the list of Top 8 qualities of potential web designers:-


  1. Design Sense

Web designers are only professionals when they have a sense of designing. They should have knowledge of both color schemes and graphic design. In addition, they should be familiar with basic design principles, elements of design, best practices to use images etc. The designer should extend his/her interest to the users and their requirement so that they could understand how real people will deal with the design.


  1. Knowledge, Methods, and strategies

Every project follows some procedure. Web designers must be aware of strategy and methodology that is needed while creating websites. It is difficult to work with designers if they cannot explain the whole system.  If you understand what they explain then you would know their work and can improve your website.


  1. Strong Communication Skills

Web design isn’t useful if users cannot understand it. This is the case where you make some vision in your mind but be incompetent to communicate the correct things. Professional/Best web designers are those who are capable of communicating with their team and clients. They can translate their thoughts and ideas and can make changes in the project whenever necessity arises without discouraging or embarrassing the client. The regular meeting is required to update the issues so that probability of getting mistakes is reduced.


  1. Experience/ Strong Background  

People who have worked on few business projects are different from those who are just entering the market. Thus, the experience is the strong point which can easily eliminate web designers that you do not need for your business. Experienced designers are familiar with the important factor of your industry even though they have handled a single project of the market. Web designers who are new to your industry have to start from the beginning phase of the design and it would take a longer time to finish the project.


  1. An expansive portfolio

If you choose to hire a beginner web designer you might see their talent but they won’t have any good records of their work experience. Generally, if you are clever you’ll hire a web designer with a detailed portfolio of their previous projects. Therefore, by looking at the records of designers with their past clients you could analyze whether your needs match with the designer’s ability to work or not.


  1. Finding Solutions/ Problem Solving

Designers have to face several problems while they handle projects and it might be difficult for them to overcome that problem. When mistakes occur,  a good designer not only goes for an alternative but also look after the solution. A normal designer applies their creativity and gives a good chunk of work. Besides, the great designer is also able to give a good piece of work by solving the problems. They are aware of whole representations of the design and latest industry trends. Consequently, they are able to see the site, find out issues and make a solution to those problems.


  1. Professional and informative

There are certainly many website companies in the market who are ready to work for you. Choosing to the best website companies means looking for a web designer who possesses professional and informative characteristics. Professional designers are the one who is able to give exact output to the clients. They should give benefits to their clients by helping them to decide on the marketing strategy of the company.


  1. Cordial relation/Website maintenance

Web designing companies are not always responsible for assigning a task to their employees. Web designers themselves have to maintain a cordial relation with their clients. Clients always look for the designers who give follow up service in time when there are active projects running. Web designers should not only go for longer solutions’ but also seek for the options of a time-saving and cost-effective methods for any problem.


  1. Know your market

The province of web design and development is not static, it changes. Designing process is not an easier task even if you have good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, and Bootstrap. You can implement your knowledge/creativity if you are aware of the market trend and can create a responsive site that will match the need of target audience. Even some great web designers sometimes fail if they are not aware of the industry knowledge.


  1. Handle Criticism

Most of the people are worried about the faultfinding and get failed to manage such situation. If web designers take criticism as feedback to correct themselves, they can find out the way to make their work better. Thus, the designer can modify the specific design for the betterment of final product. They can learn how to grow in the competitive market. A skilled designer admires opinions from their clients and also take criticism as a lesson to improve things in their design.


Some other qualities that you also need to keep in mind:-

Appropriate Pricing, Self-learning, In-time maintenance, Passionate to work, Confidence, Innovative, Proactive nature, Presentation Skills, Trustworthiness.

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