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Prakriti Neupane 11th March 2018   .  
Benefits of wordpress over other CMS theme nepal

In the current economic climate, Organizational agility is an important thing to know about running a successful business. The change of business trend in response to the changing market scenario is leading the way for new technologies in Content Management. The way of presentation of CMS is improving these days through the integration of different techniques. There are plenty of tools and technologies available for Content Management System and many of them are yet to be developed. Some of the popular CMS tools are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Blogger, Shopify, OpenCart and so on.
However, studying the market share trend for Content Management System since 2017 we find 58.5% of websites were built using WordPress and the number increased to 60% until January 2018. The number of users was few when it started its service in 2003. Now for sure, you might be shocked why WordPress is getting so much popular these days. We’ll discuss the functionality of WordPress that could be beneficial to CMS in this article.


  1. WordPress is Free

To start with, WordPress is totally free to use. All we do is download its full package free of charge. WordPress contains thousands of free themes and plugins. You can pick out your favorite theme and install it adding more plugins according to the requirement.


  1. Simple and easy to use

WordPress covers a large number of users because of its simplicity and an even non-technical person can easily work on this platform. It is not necessary to have PHP or HTML knowledge, unlike Drupal or Joomla. Once it is installed, almost all the functionalities can be managed the interfaces and menus. So, WordPress could be easily implemented for businesses without hiring additional programmer or designer.


  1. Highly Customizable

Designs and features of the WordPress sites can be easily customized. You can customize the themes if we want something different than the available themes. Similarly, you can add different features to your site like forms, calendars, galleries etc. by installing the required plugins. So, you can have the option to visualize the appearance of your site controlled via. WordPress.


  1. Easily Accessible

WordPress being a cloud-based CMS, its sites an be accessible everywhere from the Internet. So, the WordPress website can be updated remotely by logging in from Internet-connected computer to update and manage its contents.


  1. Best for SEO

WordPress contains clean code which allows for the precise search engine optimization. Not only this, you can add specific keywords in permalinks and can add tags for any posts which aid search engines in finding internal pages. Moreover, Images added to WordPress can be made available in Google image result by including alt, title tags, and captions in the image. Next important thing to know is WordPress has built-in RSS feeds. RSS feed keeps track of most visited websites and allows to automatically syndicate your content which can approach a large number of users.


  1. Simple for E-Commerce Integration

WordPress contains E-Commerce platform like WooCommerce which contains few steps to follow to integrate it with your website. So, if you want your own e-commerce site you don’t need to think about an e-commerce-hosted site and bother to find the different way of setting it. You have alternative solution in WordPress.


  1. Good Community Support

WordPress incorporates large number of users. So, if you have any queries and problems regarding WordPress, you can get support from millions of users online.

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