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18th May 2020   .  
It is better to follow a single lion than to follow a herd of sheep. This is just a saying but this analogy is very relevant in our topic. As there are many web development phases and process models but what is optimum according to the experts? Does it matter? These are all questions that have arisen which are normal due to human nature for the quest to gain more knowledge. We will here disclose all the recommended processes in web development.

Different experts follow their own way or practices to develop a website/web application. We can’t argue about which is right or which isn’t. But there are optimal phases to follow in order to achieve results to fast.

So we (Theme Nepal) as an expert web development company we have our own way or practices which we considered as the most optimal process to develop a website.

The work culture that we follow in our Company is very dynamic.

We develop a Product through constant communication with our clients. We are very open to the feedback of the client and acknowledge it.

Our major focus is on delivering our clients with Quality Products. Our Clients Personal Satisfaction is our Utmost Goal.

This is How We Develop Your Dream Website and Applications

  1. Requirement Gathering: We will gather all the required company documents, papers, website references, videos, and other supporting documents that help us to collect the correct information for the website. In this phase, we would communicate with the clients to gather the requirements for the websites.                                               
  2. Planning & Analysis: After gathering the required documents and information, we will plan for design, development, delivery, and different phases and a sprint of website development. 
  3. Develop wireframe & mockups: Based on the requirements and proposed plan, we will develop the wireframe that defines and designs the layout and components of the website. This will be a sketch of the website in general. The logo and other graphics will be discussed in this phase. This would be showcased to our clients and after it is verified, we would proceed further.
  4. Design: After we work on the wireframe and complete the wireframe, we will start the design part of the website based on the designed wireframe. The design part will include color coding, real images, layouts, animation effects, transitions, and maintain the correct coding standard.
  5. Development: The backend engine of the website will be developed under this phase. The section from where the content for the website will be uploaded is developed under this phase of website development. We will integrate all the functionality of the website in this phase. After the website is developed, the administrator and other user roles provided can log in and add content to the website.
  6. Testing Review: After the completion of the development phase, the created website will be tested thoroughly following the different testing processes and the website will be uploaded to the server. We make sure everything is in working order and that we haven’t missed anything visually or functionally through final (regression) testing, after successful testing we will launch the website.
  7. Domain Hosting and Delivery: This is the final stage of website development. In this phase, we select the optimum domain name recommended by the client. We will launch the website. After this step, we would handover the developed website to our clients.
  8. Maintenance and Regular Updating: We will monitor the working of the website routinely so as to make the website fluent and bug-free in the long run and make sure that all the pages are running without error. For further addition we would update the latest software and plugins to the website. We will check that all of your forms are running properly and remove any spam comments from pages and posts which helps to make a good impression on our audiences. After all website loading speed is a critical factor for determining the quality of the website hence we would check the load speed of your website and ensure that nothing is bogging it down and lastly review your security scans and make sure nothing is out of place.

What process do Themenepal Follow for website development?

We follow a dynamic approach towards developing a website with frequent client interaction and feedback.

What are the documents required in the requirement gathering phase?

We will gather all the required company documents, papers, website references, videos and other supporting documents.

Can a client give his/her own opinion on the design of the website?

We are open to exciting ideas and suggestions from our clients.

Which technology is best for the website?

We will see the complexity of the website and come up with the optimum technology which serves best.

Can the client have the update during the website development phase?

We update the website in our staging server that means our client can track  the developing website anytime from anywhere.

What is the duration taken for developing a website?

The time depends upon the complexity of the Website, But we will manage the project in a standard way to meet up requirements in quick time.

Are there maintenance Services provided by Theme Nepal ?

We provide free 6 months- 1 year of maintenance service to our Clients.

What are the services Provided by Theme Nepal ?

We design and Develop Websites, Mobile Applications.We have been providing domain hosting as well.

Does Theme Nepal procure a domain and host it ?

We do procure the domain according to our client recommendation and host it in the Live server.

What distinguishes Theme Nepal from its contemporaries ?

Our portfolio boosts of major websites developed around the world.We excel in developing quality products in a very client friendly budget.As our main motto is client satisfaction.

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