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Sagar Sapkota 1st August 2017   .  
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In Nepal, a majority of people were not aware of Information Technology just a decade ago and now it has been taken over by thousands of IT companies setting up all over the Kathmandu valley. There are no barriers to start the Web Design and Development industry in current scenario because the market is being saturated. The huge number of companies are opened to run web businesses and only a few get succeed to grow its services to the international level. The company who has started its work from the initial phase and has extended its markets and services to the next level is Creative Theme Nepal Pvt. Ltd, a web application development company commenced in 2016 by Mr. Sagar Sapkota and his co-mates.

Mr. Sagar Sapkota is the founder of Theme Nepal. He has completed his degrees in IT field and had few years of working experience in Solidarity International as Director- Global Press Council, Magento Developer at E-Signature Pvt. Ltd, Magento Web Developer at EB Pearls. He had first shaped himself by attending various entrepreneurial sessions, seminars, training courses, workshops. He had also completed different projects during his tenure at offices and thus, he always got inspired by continuous learning and made a professional team who could join him to make a new company.

In the beginning, they created a team of 5 members and registered the Company as “Creative Theme Nepal Pvt Ltd.”  They begin to explore themselves in the field of IT businesses and services. Theme Nepal initialized their first project by making a website for one travel and tours company in the name of and started to utilize their extensive IT knowledge by providing services to people around the country. Mr. Sagar said, “Although I worked for other companies in several positions, it was quite difficult to start a new project on my own. I faced it first and then I made it today. ”

On one hand, some co-founders of Creative Theme Nepal had to leave the company during its initial stage of the establishment because they had to pursue further studies and had made the decision to open their own venture after some span of time. However, Mr. Sagar, Mr. Sunil, and Mr. Bimal remained persistent whilst. They faced all the impediments that came across the growth of their company. “We used to design and develop websites for hotels, schools, travel companies and some other organizations. During that time, we made our clients only through personal contacts and worked for them”, shares Mr. Sapkota. At present, clients knock the door of Theme Nepal and they are now loaded with dozens of an ongoing project. Thus, their continuous hard work has led them to a path of triumph.

On the other hand, if we go back to the initial establishment phase of Theme Nepal, the road to success was not always smooth for its creators. They had not any good sources or links to help themselves but their determination has led themselves to survive in the current market structure. Furthermore, Theme Nepal started their career by first working remotely from own house due to lack of budget to buy a space for opening an office. They always believed in learning by working and used to approach clients by walking to the doors of organizations/companies and asking if they would be interested to take services of Creative Theme Nepal. Later on, after some span of time, they have been running their office at Buddhanagar, Kathmandu and now they manage to handle everything from the office.

Creative Theme Nepal also work with long-term projects such as creating web themes which can be freely downloaded by users and they can create a website of their own. The company today has Fifteen permanent employees and it also provides home-based employment by hiring interns with basic IT knowledge. Theme Nepal builds websites from scratch and never fails to meet deadlines of the project. Their timely project delivery has become a paradigm that made easier for them to deal with their current and new clients. “All the clients we worked with are happy with the service we are providing and that’s always a good measure of how good you’re doing. However, the best from Creative Theme Nepal is yet to come. We’re working on some new ideas and I think we are a long way off from our full potential”, says Mr. Sapkota.

Competition is growing along with the growth of IT offices and Theme Nepal is able to differentiate themselves from those. They focus on company growth and craft their entire business model to provide best services to their clients. Their mission is to build long-term relationships with clients by creating value and empowering their businesses. Theme Nepal care more about customer satisfaction than generating profit.

Mr. Sapkota says, ”We want our clients to cherish the services that are provided to them. Follow up are made regularly with our customers even after the project is complete and thus it’s been easier to make a cordial relation with customers.” He adds, ” We see competition as a part of the business environment and instead of being worried we review our strength and weakness and try to study what are opportunities and threats embedding in the current market scenario. Our team is concentrated on becoming better than yesterday.” He concludes, “ Everything happens for a good reason and now I am happy that we are managing a company of our own. We did start with a few empty PC’s on our tables and now they are filled with piles of projects. I am satisfied that my dedication has led this far.”

To conclude, Theme Nepal is growing at good pace and it’s in the race of becoming one of the leading IT company in Nepal. They have a dream to be loved by national and international clients and they will continue to provide their best services.

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